Birthdays are always hard to plan especially when it is your 16th birthday. The genuine idea of having a birthday party is not just to make yourself feel special, but to make the moment memorable for all the guests. And for that, it is best to have a themed party to engage all the guests.

The theme of the party should represent who you are or who you want to be. You can also base the theme around what you enjoy the most. The basic idea is making it true for you and your friends. Here are some general sixteenth birthday party ideas for you girls.

Fashion Themed Birthday Party

Nothing would impress your young lady friends more, than a party that will give them loads of opportunities to dress up and behave like celebrities. Host this party in a place where you can easily design a ramp. You can ask your friends to dress-up like models. Create a red carpet entry and take lots of pictures. You can be the show stopper that grabs all the attention.

Pool Party

A good classic, old fashion pool party is always a great sweet 16 party idea. This party can be a great occasion during the heat of the summer. This party may leave a mess so choose a place that is designed to host such events. Bring out the water toys and spend the day jumping off and relaxing by the pool. It is a great way for you and your friends to enjoy.

Princess Party/ Fairytale Ball

Get dressed up in a pretty fairytale ball gown and wow your friends, as you enter your party. Just rent a ballroom, decorate the place, and live a fairy tale life on your sixteenth birthday.

The Dance Party

Get on your dancing shoes; book a hall for a night and throw the best dance party. Hire a band or a DJ and dance the night away to their music. You can have them play a special song for you; it’s your birthday after all.

Decorate the venue with everything you want: balloons, streamers, centerpieces, flowers, and more with your favorite colors. You can have a self serving buffet to cater the guest. Just make sure to hire a few bouncers to sort out the ones that will be fighting for you.

Makeup Party

Still experimenting with makeup? Don’t worry; many women still struggle to put on a makeup correctly. You can make this party an opportunity to learn and teach your friends the art of makeup. Just hire a place and hire a professional makeup artist who can teach you and your friends the art of makeup. Hire someone for the hair as well and get all dolled up for a fun photo shoot.

Slumber Party

If you want to make it low key then just keep it simple with a classic slumber party! Invite your closest friends and stay up all night gossiping and having a great time. Enjoy watch a movie and do your nails and hairs. You can share this beautiful occasion with just the one you love and care about the most.

Outdoor Adventure

If you are the kind of girl that loves adventure, then don’t be shy. Stay true to yourself and host a party at your favorite venue. You can host your party at the Go Karts; Skating circle, laser tags or the paintball arena, etc. A birthday party is just the occasion to have fun with the ones you love. Hence be true to whom you are and don’t shy away.

Apart from the theme, reliable transportation will make your birthday a memory of a lifetime. You can go with the best transportation company in your area. Hire someone who understands your party needs and can accommodate all your requests. Make your sweet sixteen even sweeter with the right transportation.

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