Wedding represents the most special day of your life. Everything in your wedding is meant to be special. From wedding dress to wedding venue to transportation, everything should be at its very best.

Wedding transportation is one of the exciting topics in your wedding planning. And, if you want a special entrance to your wedding, make sure to rent a party bus. Although the party bus ride can be fun, you must be aware about the different things when you hire a one.

Have a look at some important party bus rental tips which can help you get the best party bus for your wedding.


First things first! Prepare a budget to hire party bus suitable for your wedding theme. Make sure not to go overboard by hiring a party bus which does not come under budget.

Booking Confirmation

Your job doesn’t end when you hire a party bus. After hiring a party bus, you should make sure to receive a written booking confirmation. The statement must include the type of party bus you are renting, the agreed-upon rate, locations and pick-up and drop-off time, deposit amount, and other relevant details.

Proof of Insurance and Permits

Do not neglect this aspect when renting a party bus. Party buses require inspections and Class B drivers to keep daily logs. Check these logs, as well as insurance and license numbers on the front and back bumper of the party bus, before hiring a party bus.

Cancellation Policy

You never know when unexpected things can happen. So, it is best to know what to expect in unexpected situations if you have to cancel your party bus reservation. Cancellation policies vary from companies to companies. While some charge a minimum cancellation fee, some will reschedule.

Extra Charges

Each limo and party bus company has its own hourly or flat rate structure. Make sure you understand any surcharges including fuel charges, hidden fees, and associated costs before hiring a party bus.


Party buses are one such vehicle which is equipped with top class amenities. Flat screen televisions, fiber optic lighting, dancing poles, and mini bar are some amenities in party bus. Also, make sure to check out the bus in person and check if all the amenities are working just fine or not.

Tip your Chauffeur

Make sure to ask about the tipping policy. Normally, tipping amount is about 18 to 20 percent of the base price. But, sometimes tipping a chauffeur can totally depend on customer’s choice.

Reserve in Advance

Party buses are in high demand in wedding season. This means you have to make arrangements before a year to get a party bus.

Read this list and make up your mind before you hire a party bus company for your ‘BIG’ day.